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Government Of Assam Animal Husbandry & Veterinary

Integrated Sample Survery

  • The Integrated Sample Survey   Scheme   was introduced in the state veterinary department of Assam in 1968-69 along with the state veterinary department of the other states of India for ascertain uniform pattern in the estimation of milk, egg and meat and livestock keeping practices in the state. This has been an essential survey to estimate the quantum of livestock products produced by the state annually and most importantly the extent of contribution being made by the livestock sector to the state domestic products and for the preparation of future plans of the department.              

    Coverage and period of the survey:  The Integrated Sample Survey is carried out in the entire state covering 26 numbers of districts both in rural and urban areas. The entire survey is carried out in three seasons of the year to study the fluctuations of livestock products. Each of the seasons consists of four months. The periods of the seasons are as follows:

                        Summer season    :      1st March to 30th June  (122 days)
                      Rainy     season    :      1st July to 31st  October (123 days)
                      Winter    season    :     1st November to 28th /29th  February (120/ 121 days)
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    Whom to Contact

    Senior Research Officer
    Directorate of AH & Vety
    Chenikuthi, Guwahati-3
    Sri Pramathesh Bhattacharyya
    Research Officer, Haflong
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