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Government Of Assam Animal Husbandry & Veterinary


The North Eastern Regional Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (NERDDL) was established in Guwahati in 2003 with 100% assistance from Government of India  as the referral laboratory for the Nortn-East States. It is equipped with:

  • Modern animal disease diagnostic equipments
  • Two BSL-II level lab
  • One Mobile BSL-III lab

Major Activities:

  • Processing of samples for diagnosis and surveillance of various diseases of the livestock population
  • Imparting training to scientists/veterinarians of the entire NE region on regular basis
  • Coordinating with all the NE states and Govt. Of India regarding diagnosis and control of animal diseases

Eradication of Disease:

  • The Rinderpest (RP), historically known as the cause of several global famines, was eradicated from Assam in 2005.
  • Another dreaded disease, the CBPP, which caused death of thousands of cattle in Assam was also eradicated from the state in 2005 (Certification for the same was obtained from the OIE in 2005).